Creating what money can't buy !

Looking at pictures

Life passes in a flash. Enjoy it.
Capture it. Archive it. Share it!

We are in a great technology era — our phones mean we never have to lose a photo opportunity! That’s pretty awesome considering how life and time is fleeting and the most precious moments can happen in the space of a single breath. 

If you are like most of us, the photos stay on our camera roll or in our back up file forever, and we really don’t get to share them or enjoy them as much as we would like.

We can help you change all that!!!

We transform your photos and video clips into a beautiful, magical video that you will be proud to keep or give as a gift.  Need ideas of GREAT stories to tell?  Here are some ideas…

And, yes, we know you can use an app and create your own video – in fact, we  have a DIY mini-course (simple features) to teach you how!  But, the reality is, it takes a lot of time and know-how to get a great video! 

Also, you might not have the ability to have full creative freedom because the free apps are geared to work for the most inexperienced person in the most standard way. Right? There is nothing wrong with that if you have no other options — or maybe you do have the time and money to purchase and learn full-featured software. 

But if you don’t . . .

You can use our service!  We provide an affordable product using state-of-the-art video creation software that allows the full spectrum of creativity to meet your needs so that your precious moments, events, and memories are created and presented in a beautiful and unique way.

why use us

Sample Videos

The Aliner's Maiden Voyage

Made with Adobe Spark (Free)

The Mediterranean in 5 Minutes!

Made with Corel Video Studio Pro

So how does this work? It's easy, really....

  1. We get on a call together to talk about the story you want to tell and how you would like for it to be told. 
  2. We provide a secure location to upload your digital images, video clips and music (if you want to include your own music).
  3. We offer 2 iterations (changes) without additional charge prior to final rendering. 
  4. After we are all happy, we provide you with the most universal file format for you to share.
  5. We keep our pricing simple through the use of “milestone” payments which will be discussed with you on the initial call.