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How we learned to preserve our history, strengthen family bonds, and share memories by creating …

Beautiful, Magical and Shareable Videos

Of course, you can learn to create your own videos!  But, if you prefer, we will create your video story for you!  

Bell & Howell Old Camera

Our Story

We grew up with our parents taking home movies with their Bell & Howell cameras – no sound, some color, but at least you got motion. It was often of poor quality and jerky – but everyday families could save memories in the form of a home movie. I remember my parents’  excitement when they made a movie of my sister taking her first steps! We’d project the movies on a white sheet, eat popcorn and thought we were great! It was all so new and “modern.”

Bell & Howell projector

Then, in the early 1980s, video cassette recorders made their appearance. Now, we could have our motion, color, AND sound. That is was our (Bev and Vince’s) downfall…  we fell in love with it!.  Did I tell you that we have always had a passion for new technology? 

 We jumped in as soon as we could afford it – which was far from immediate.  

But those video recorders were BIG, HEAVY and just a pain in the neck, so we continued using our camera for day-to-day things and the video recorder for big things. This approach gave us great photo prints we could look at and VHS tapes we could watch. The amount of images and film added up quickly. We have thousands of printed photos and a lot of VHS tapes.

Vince carrying the mongo video recorder!

Well, we’re older and wiser now, and have realized that the most precious memories happen within the space of a breath. And, that images can capture that moment forever!!! 

Let’s jump forward a few years to about 1987 when we moved 1500 miles away form my parents – and what was even worse, we took their only grandchildren with us! There was grief and loss on both sides.

How could we bridge the physical gap? How could we ease their loneliness and sadness? How could we share our new life with them?

Our FIRST ever VHS photo video was created!!! There were no fancy software packages or editors or instructions – just technology inquisitiveness and ability (thanks to Vince) and the determination and desire (thanks to Bev). We had to kluge a way to accomplish this task.. And after many, many hours (weeks and months) of moving to the VCR player, stereo with CDs, back and forth, undoing and redoing, we finally had a video to send to family!!! 

My parents cried when they got it! They cherished it! Wore it out! And, we had  found a way to bridge the gaps between visits! 

And, there you have it. Thirty years later and we are still making memories with our videos by capturing and telling life stories, giving great gifts, and just having fun!! I think we’ll both admit, today’s digital age makes it so much easier and so much fun. With a cellphone weighing no more than a few ounces, we can snap photos, record videos and never miss a moment! 

We hope our story inspires you to give it a try yourself – or, let us create the video for you!

This is our equipment today

We can be as simple or elaborate as we choose – all from a cellphone and laptop computer! 

Isn’t technology grand!

We hope our story inspires you to give it a try. You’ll become hooked too. And, future generations will be thankful and grateful!

Life is Good! 

Tell your Stories!!

Bev brings the passion and experience of creating and sharing a multitude of photo videos over the past 30+ years for friends and family — everything from graduations and weddings to memorial videos.

Vince brings the technology from a career of computer software engineering.  Now a freelance web developer, Vince teams with Bev to bring the best methods of photo, video, and web technology to our community.