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FAQ: A Photo Video for You

We Can Create a Photo Video for YOU! Got Questions?

What is a photo video (or slideshow)?

Most of us have a full camera roll filled with priceless memories!  So often these memories go unshared and unappreciated. Pulling the photos together in a cinematic way is a fantastic way to share the memories with others in a way that is one-of-a-kind and will be watched again and again. 

You decide what story you want to tell and we use state of the art software to pull the photos and video clips into a cohesive video that is viewable on social media (including YouTube), from a DVD, or flash drive. You decide how you want to share it and with whom.

Here is what makes it so great. The video is created using effects that create movement with a still photo, transitions, and other features found in professional videos. In addition, video and audio clips can be added as well.  To wrap it up, a music soundtrack is added creating the perfect vibe. 

Can you use your own music?

DISCLAIMER: Nothing here or on on this website is to be considered as legal advice!  But here’s what we can say…

It is always risky to use music that you did not create because of Digital Rights Management (DRM) and a potential for copyright violation.  Technically, you should always get permission to use someone else’s work. However, there are fantastic royalty-free soundtracks that we can put together which will certainly enhance your video.

If you DO want to use your own purchased music tracks, you will agree to assume any copyright risks.  Many sources say you will be okay if the full piece of work cannot be copied in a format that allows selling it. So, maybe you break it up somehow, or change volumes. 

If you want to research this we have a list of references you can start with. In general, if you are creating a private video, you aren’t financially benefitting from it, and you are not showing it publicly where someone could “lift” the music, you will probably be OK, but I can’t promise!

How long should the video be?

OK – I know that you have loads of photos and videos you want to share. But really, no one wants to sit through a video that’s too long. What you want is a video that is just right – no more, no less.  The ideal length will be based on the subject matter and the audience.  

Thanks to the speed of social media, the adult attention span is decreasing. Recent studies have shown that the average time you get to hook an adult is 8 seconds! And most adults will not watch anything other than sports or a movie if it is over 10 minutes in length. 

If you have great subject matter and an intimate, close knit group where nearly everyone can relate, then you can get by with a video that is a little longer; however, the general rule of thumb is to keep your videos about 10-15 minutes in length. That may sound short, but a well thought-out video can relay everything important in that amount of time. 

How many photos will I need to have ready?

Again, we are going to give you a rule-of-thumb on how many pictures and video clips you will need to have prepared (see below).  

Generally speaking, a photo stays on the screen for about 4 seconds. If there is text over the photo, reading time will need to be added. So here is what this might look like…

Each minute of video will require 15 photos. If you add short video clips, that time will need to be figured into the total.

7 minute video = 100 photos

10 minute video = 150 photos 

15 minute video = 225 photos 

Video clips are just that – a short clip with or without sound. You may have a long video of little Jennifer’s cross country track meet, but for the photo video, you will want to select the very best few seconds.  I know, you are proud of her and want to show her off – but usually that just doesn’t work if you are showing the video to others.

Prepared photos? What does that mean?

As you are picking out your photos, pick the best ones to tell the story. Sometimes, you may want to edit by cropping, adjusting color or sharpness before sending it. Or, the most common edit — remove red-eye. Get rid of the devil eyes! Otherwise, let your photos be true to the moment. If you do not want to edit, we are glad to do it for you for an additional fee per image. 

Never crop an image too small or it will be blurry when shown on a TV or large screen. Here is a rule of thumb: For good quality, the “High Definition” (HD) format is recommended.  For pictures, this would be an image at least 1280 pixels wide.  For video clips, common HD sizes are 1280 x 720 (a.k.a. “720p”) and 1920 x 1080 (a.k.a. “1080p”). If you don’t get all that, we can advise you.  If you have old images or clips that are below these dimensions, they will still work — and may even seem appropriate for an older time period. 

Please do not compress the images because it will yield poor quality in the video.

As for the video – just clip out the part you want included (again, work on a copy) and save it to a format such as mp4.  If you don’t have the capability, we can certainly do that for you for an additional fee. Sometimes you only want the audio part of a video and our software gives us the ability to just pull the audio out.

Phone Consultation - what's the purpose?

Our consultation call gives you the full opportunity to share your vision, ideas, and any other thoughts you might have.   The consultation has a $25 non-refundable fee that will be applied toward the final price of a “go-ahead” project.

Our designer will listen, ask questions, and give you information about how to make a great video. Allow about 60 minutes for the discussion.

Be ready to talk about these things:

  • Your purpose and overall vision
  • The approximate length (we will give you industry recommendations)
  • Thoughts on how you will want to distribute the video and places you think it will be shown (private vs. public)
  • Preparing the photos and video clips
  • The use of music and how to avoid copyright infringement (Digital Rights Management) 
  • Assess the tools you have access to for editing. We can suggest free tools as well as our favorite paid tools
  • And we will talk about the timeline for your project
  • How and when we will communicate throughout the project, how we exchange files, how you proof the drafts, etc.
If you decide to go forward with the project, you will receive an agreement letter plus a comprehensive PDF workbook that includes all information you need for us to make this happen — such as how to best organize your photos and get them to Make Photo Memories (MpM), how to view drafts, etc.  Actually, the handbook is full of helpful tips and tricks, but best of all is the Storyboard Template you will use to help you plan the creation! The MpM storyboard template is very similar to what is used by Pixar and other production sites – just more user-friendly.  

Pricing and Inclusions

First – let’s talk about the things that are priceless:

  • The memories! The stories! Life!
  • The feeling you get when you see tears of joy from a gift you gave!
  • Knowing that future generations will have access to their history!

OK, so here is what is included in the base fee:


Ongoing consultation, as needed, to assist you in all phases of the planning and organizing of your photos and video clips, as well as ideas on a soundtrack. You will also be given a storyboard tool to enter any details you want  for specific images (no worries, we will demonstrate what we mean). After the initial telephone consultation, you will be given a private link to a Dropbox folder to upload your photos, audio and video clips. After the photos are uploaded, we may need to do one more consultation – no problem. 


In the event that one of your photos needs slight touchup to make them look spectacular, we will do that at no additional cost. This might include adjusting contrast or perhaps sharpening – or even an occasional red-eye removal. Major editing can be done for an additional fee.


Because we want you to be happy with your product, we give you two opportunities to review the draft video before we render the final product. Again, we treat our customers like we would want to be treated. In reality, two reviews is usually more than enough. We will have timelines for you to review and give feedback just as we have timelines to meet. The draft product will have a prominent watermark that will be removed in the final product.


You will get  the rendered product on one USB flash drive using the most universal format (mp4) so that you have many options on how YOU want to share your story.


You can can make copies to distribute and gift yourself (which saves you money) or we can create the gifts for you for a small fee! We only require that the subtle Make Photo Memories notations remain visible. 

We  keep our pricing structure simple so you have no surprises!

BASE Price:  INTRODUCTORY RATE: Only $1.50 per digital photo or video clip that you have fully prepared for use, up to 225 photos or video clips.

  1. Includes a unique title page, sound track, and a credits page.
  2. Up to three custom-designed section (transition) breaks.
  3. A detailed initial planning session (consultation call) to discuss your wants, needs, and desired outcome.
  4. Two review sessions of the draft prior to final rendering.
  5. Includes one USB flash drive OR a DVD, labeled and in a jewel case.
  6. You retain rights to copy and distribute the video as many times as you want. The Make Photo Memories logo must be present. 
  7. Make Photo Memories will retain the finished video for a period of 6 months before removing the file from our server. We will not make changes to the video after it is rendered.


We treat you the way we would want to be treated, so that is why we use a “milestone” structure for payment. 

Payment 1: The fee for the initial 60 minute comprehensive consultation is $25 (non-refundable) payable prior to consultation.  This fee will apply toward the final price for “go ahead” projects. 

Payment 2: Due before the second review session.

Payment 3: Due prior to receipt of final product PLUS any additional services or products added after initial invoicing.

ADD ON Services Available on Request:  

$5.00 for each section break (page) we create over three

$5.00 for each photo requiring significant editing (to be discussed prior to proceeding) 

$10.00 (per) to create clips from video or audio files 

$9.00 per labeled DVD with jewel case (10 maximum) 

$10.00 per plain flash drive 

$20.00 per keepsake flash drive (wooden and in a gift box) 

SAMPLE PRICING – Here is just an example of how it might look . . .

 Let’s say you want a video that is 10-12 minutes (150 photos/video clips) and you have done all major editing of your photos and video clips. You only want the video on the standard flash drive and you will make your own copies.

Payment #1. Consultation Fee (non-refundable but credited at end of project)$25
Base Price. (Assume upload of 150 photos and video clips).$225
Estimated shipping.Free
Payment #2 (50% of base price) ($112.50)
Consultation fee credit (go-ahead project)($25)
Payment #3 (50% of base price) ($87.50)

For a total cost of $225, you not only have a fantastic 10-12 minute video story, but you can also make your own copies and have gifts for everyone on your list!  Not bad, huh?

It is important for you to know we do not create videos using explicit images or language. What we mean by that is please keep it PG-13 or younger!

happiness guaarantee

Our #1 priority here at Make Photo Memories is for you to feel good about your story and how it’s told. 

This means we stand by our product, no matter what, no questions asked.

If you have a problem, we will solve it. If we can’t solve it, we will give you a full refund minus the initial consultation fee. Just contact our support team. We are here for you. 

Happiness. Guaranteed.