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So, you're ready to create your FIRST photo video!

WARNING! You will get hooked!

We’ve all heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s true! Just like any good story, a photo can convey a message and emotion to an audience in the clearest, simplest, and best way possible. 

As with most things in our lives – we over indulge. We take pictures of every moment because we can – and because we don’t want to forget anything. Our camera rolls are full! Yet, we rarely “enjoy” the photos. Oh, sometimes we’ll share a photo or two on social media, but we don’t really enjoy them. They aren’t printed and framed or put in photo albums anymore – not to mention the nightmare of searching for the one you want. 

Well, are you ready to change all that? You can tell stories with your photos!  Above all, you show love by sharing our photos.  And the ultimate benefit – you keep family stories alive by telling them in creative and memorable ways.

You’re not here by mistake! The fact that you are here tells me that you want to get those creative juices flowing and share your stories! 

Maybe you’ve seen beautiful photo videos and wondered if you could do it. Or, perhaps you have a special event that you would like to capture in a timeless way. Or, you’re looking for a unique and special gift and struggling to come up with ideas. And, just maybe, you value life stories and want to ensure that they are presented and preserved for generations to come. 

SPARK (free), created by Adobe, is for brief videos. As you know, Adobe is a household name for PDF readers, photo organization, and lots more. SPARK is often used by teachers to illustrate a point or create excitement about a subject. Likewise, the paid version is often used in business for presentations. I consider free SPARK to be an introductory product because it has many limitations. But, it is a great way to get started! 

Here is what you'll get in this FREE video tutorial:

Storyboard Cheat Sheet: All great stories begin with a plan. This cheat sheet ensures that you get started in the right way. It is provided in PDF so that you can download it and use it for all your video projects.

The Top 5 Rules for Creating Great Videos: You will avoid the top mistakes newbies make when creating photo videos. 

Step-by-Step Instruction Video: How to Use Adobe Spark (free version) to Create Your FIRST Photo Video. At the end, you will have created a two minute one-of-a-kind  video ready for sharing or gifting. 

  • You learn the creative options available to you in Adobe SPARK, as well as limitations you may find. 
  • You learn how to share the video with others and save it to your computer.
  • You gain knowledge for future “productions.”
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Let's Make a SPARK!

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