Using digi-scrapping in photo videos is a fun and creative way to marry two great ways to tell stories.

Scrapbooking Then and Now

Digi-scrapping is the new form of scrapbooking and will also work in photo videos! Scrapbooking was a great rage a few years ago and remains a wonderful, creative way to showcase photos. I have to say, it requires great skill to make it look good – a skill I don’t seem to have. My pages ended up like a child’s art project. But it was fun purchasing the beautiful papers and getting my glue sticks out.

However, there is a downside to traditional scrapbooking. It takes a lot of time and materials AND it is costly over time. Plus, all that beautiful work is in a single, physical book. Hard to share.

So, along came digital scrapbooking (digi-scrapping) – a way to scrapbook using a computer. Digi-scrapping relies on templates (which are reusable) and you drag and drop your images into the template, add your personal touches and text and you have a beautiful page ready to print and put into your own scrapbook or send it off to a print company and have a book made. The possibilities are endless for design! The templates can range in price from free to $4 and up for a one page template. This too, can become costly over time – but remember, it is reusable.

There are many digi-scrapping software programs; however, they are often limited to prints or photo books only and do not have an output for photo videos. Some even require monthly payments of $5 – $20 a month to use the software. Again, this really adds up fast.

So, I want to recommend a cost effective alternative program that serves many purposes.

As you know, we, at Make Photo Memories, are really big on photo safety, organization and the ability to edit photos so that you can use the photos creating great videos.

After a lot of trial and error, we chose Photoshop Elements 2018 (PSE) to manage our own photos. Their latest is PSE 2020 with new bells and whistles. They usually come out with a new version about every 2 years. If you watch for a promotion, you can pick up a current premier version for under $100. Or, you can go to eBay and purchase the last version for much less. Premier lets you create the

Photoshop Elements (by Adobe)

  1.  You can organize and tag your photos
  2.  You can create albums or groups of photos
  3.  You can edit your photographs with impressive editing options
  4.  You can have photos and albums printed professionally, if you choose, or print them at home
  5.  You can create projects – including slide shows, order gifts, etc.
  6.  AND, you can create digi-scrapbooking pages using templates you purchase or get for free.

You do NOT have to pay monthly fees to use PSE and older versions continue working until you are ready to upgrade. This makes it really cost effective. I usually upgrade every 4 years.

A Marriage Made in Heaven

Now, I am also all about photo videos, so how do we marry the two? 

The digi-scrapbooking pages can be saved as an image and be added to your photo video just like any photograph! That way, you get the best of both worlds. It is just a very exciting and creative avenue to tell your stories.

In reality, you can create an entire deck using scrapbook pages designed in Photo 

Shop Elements (PSE.) You can actually create your own templates. And, there are a lot of instructional videos on YouTube (links at the end of this post).

Here is how I use those special scrapbook pages:

I create my videos in Corel Video Studio (but there are many options), and I pepper these scrapbook designed slides in to enhance the video and provide a little variation. In photo videos, I like to use “fancy slides” for an entry or title page, for an ending page, and usually on transition slides. If I need to create a collage, scrapbook templates are a perfect way – and a little text can be added (very little if you plan on adding it to a video).

I love this hybrid option and Photoshop Elements (PSE) Premier will even let you create and share a video!

  1.  You can easily edit your photos and then create an album in PSE to hold them until you are ready to tell your story. The albums act like any photo organization system but you can be selective as to what you put into each album. This alone saves a boatload of time when you want to retrieve them for a project.
  2.  You can continue enjoying scrapbooking creativity.
  3.  The page sizing is modifiable so if you like 12”x12” or 8.5” x 11” or smaller because the program has you covered.
  4.  You can print them from home or send them to a print service from within the program. Or, just save them as an image for later use.
  5.  Inside the program, there are options for other fun projects such as calendars, etc.
  6.  The biggest benefit is that when you upload photos into your vault from an event and catalog the photos in PSE, you can immediately open a new album and add the best photos, so that it is easy and saves time when you create a photo video.

PSE Premium has an option to create a video – the creativity is somewhat limited – but to start out, you can try it. The program itself is awesome and I highly recommend it. Check it out!

Conclusion and Links

For about $100 you can have an all-in-one software package that not only manages your photos and allows you to create photo videos, but it will also let you use templates to create scrapbooking layouts!

Take a look at these videos to learn how to use scrapbooking templates inside PSE!

Family History Fanatics

Digital Scrapbooking HQ

Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials by Veronica Spriggs

Becky Higgins


BONUS: If you want to create nice pages but have no money to spend on a program, try free Canva, Microsoft Power Point, or Google Slides. The pages can be saved as an image (jpg) and be used in photo videos. And, Microsoft Power Point will also create a video that you can share. Adobe Spark is also a free option.

Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines!