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Are my photos really safe?

A Quiz: Are My Photos Really Safe?

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There are no right or wrong answers here! Just pick the answer that best fits where you are TODAY.

Not where you want to be.

At the end, you will get your results and an action plan based on your scores.

There are four levels: Novice, Beginner, Proficient, Expert

Once you get the basics down - you can quickly move to Expert status!!!


Let's get started...


CONCEPTS/KNOWLEDGE: How well do you understand the concepts and knowledge of the workflow required to successfully create a photo backup?
EQUIPMENT: Do you have the knowledge of required technology and equipment needed to complete a successful photo backup program?
COLLECTION VAULT: Do you have  a centralized location that houses all digital photos, including printed photos that have been scanned (digitized)?
PLAN/STRATEGY: Do you have a plan to do routine photo backups that is executable, reproducible, repeatable and results in a proper and secure backup of photos?
BEST PRACTICE 3-2-1: How well do you follow the Homeland Security 3-2-1 recommendations?
> Have 3 copies of your photos,
> Have 2 copies stored on different media devices,
> Have 1 copy stored offsite (away from your home which can include cloud storage)




Great!  You're engaging in a big step toward keeping your photos safe and secure!

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