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Cool Tools:Thumb Drives for Photo Backup

thumb drives for photo backup

Thumb drives for photo backup are the rage. Are they worth the hype?

Have you noticed lately how many new photo thumb drives, like Photo Stick, are being advertised? And the second question is – are they worth it? Maybe!  Transparency here – I do not own one. I use hard drives, software to prevent duplicates, and an organization program (Photoshop Elements). But, if I were just starting out – you bet I’d give one of them a try. Especially if I am not techy.

If you are wondering what I am talking about when I say thumb drive photo backup …  There are new USB devices on the market designed specifically to simplify photo backup. These plug and play devices are pretty cool! They “see” all photos on your drives, will quickly download them to the USB stick, and it will identify and prevent duplicates, which is a headache if you try to do it any other way. They vary in size from small to fairly large. 

As with anything new, there are positives and negatives. For the thumb drive, the biggest negative is that they are small and easily misplaced – sort of like a small SD card. 

The biggest positive is that they are great for non-techy people. Very easy to use and scour all locations to make sure all photos are captured.

Quick Story

Let me tell you a story about losing a small photo storage device – an SD card. I know someone who went on an awesome once in a lifetime vacation and used her phone with an SD card to store all of her photos. When she got home, she popped out the SD card — never to be seen again! It’s so small that it’s hard to tell what happened to it, but the point is, it was lost before they got to back them up. Sad story that maybe could have been averted.

Well, anyway… I’m going to give you  links to a number of photo backup USB devices and if it is on Amazon, you will get that link because it will tell you about the product, but more importantly, you can see reviews and ratings from other users. BEWARE – Verified Purchasers are your best option of getting accurate and honest reviews.

We ARE NOT affiliate marketers and do not benefit from purchases you might make. We just wanted you to know about this Cool Tool!

A Few Links to Check Out

Jeff’s Tech Advice 

This is a great photo backup gadget review! To be fully transparent, this is an advertising platform, but there are reviews of  4 gadgets. The devices were scored on specific criteria:

  • Ease of Use for Beginner
  • Storage Size Options
  • Price
  • Perceived Hardware Quality
  • Instruction and Support

This is worth a look, especially if you are new at photo backup,want a simple solution, and don’t have hours of research time.